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RNT-GRD, Rainout Guard, 1/pack

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  • Eliminates rainout, tube moisture and mask water splash
  • Does not impede airflow
  • Fits any machine
  • PACKAGING: 1/pack

Editorial Reviews:
The RAINOUT GUARD Just in time for winter, the Rainout Guard helps eliminate: > Tube Moisture, Mask Water Splash and Drainage. The Rainout Guard is the newest and most effective way to reduce the amount of condensation that builds up in your CPAP/BiPAP tubing and mask. It works with all machines, mask and tubing on the market today. Increase your time spent in deep sleep by eliminating rainout with this easy to use device. Get started today! • Rainout Guard technology is designed to help reduce moisture build up that is commonly associated with most mask and tubing in humidified CPAP machines. • Humidified air is brought into the Rainout Guard chamber where it is dispersed further through its patent pending Graduated Platform Wicking Technology. • Traditional tubes transfer constant moisture that can collect during the sleep cycle and require the patient to drain several times nightly. Moisture levels can then also build up through the tube and eventually inside the mask. • Rainout Guard helps maintain the further disbursement of moisture to favorable levels which allows the patient the ability to protect the mask and tube from potential water build up. • Eliminates the mixing of electricity and water from heated tubes and gives your patient the comfort of humidification without condensation. Rainout Guard comes with a 12" tube that connects the device to your humidifier or mask. The 12" tube can be placed on either end of the Rainout Guard. Connect your tube to the opposite end of the Rainout Guard. For best results place your CPAP/Bi-Level machine lower than your mattress. Remember to replace the Rainout Guard every 3 months to ensure continued better health.


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